Our Commitment

Much more than a company specializing in the production of gilt bronze statues and the creation of artifacts, Sanxi Collections is committed to advocating a simple and slow paced life style by promulgating the meaning behind each statue we create.
A piece of clay or bronze or jade is not the object of our respect and worship. When we bow before Buddha images, we are recalling the qualities of the enlightened beings. It is their impartial love and compassion, generosity, morality, patience, joyous effort, concentration and wisdom that we are showing respect to. The statue or painting serves to remind us of the qualities of the Buddha, and it is the qualities, not the clay, that we are bowing to. We need not have a statue in front of us in order to bow to or respect the Buddha and their qualities.
By showing respect to the Buddha and their qualities, we are inspired to develop these extraordinary qualities on our own mind streams. We become like the people we respect. When we take the love-kindness and wisdom of the Buddha as our example, we strive to become like them’.