Production Features

Our production features following procedures different from other competitors, making us the top brand of gilded bronze statues.

•Mentor’s craft: Each of our mentors possesses dozens years of experiences in the craft of gilded bronze statues.
•Complete lines of statue molds: With those molds in stock and ready for use, we are able to produce any statue in the given time.
•Antioxidant processing:
•Dezincification: a process which selectively removes zinc from an alloy, leaving behind a porous, copper-rich structure that has little mechanical strength. It is a form of de-alloying where zinc from brass alloy gradually dissolves.
•Nickel and Chrome plating: Nickel plating/Chrome is the process of electrolytically depositing a layer of nickel/ onto a substrate. These nickel/chrome deposits are used to smooth and dull gray in appearance. Both bright and matte nickel offers an excellent degree of corrosion resistance.
•Interior antioxidation: interior of statue are also antioxidant processed to increase protection from erosion.
•Hand-gilding: artificially gilding the areas where can’t be plated directly.
•Painting: manually paint each statue using Nano-tech pigments.